METRO is a leading international specialist in food wholesale. The group is headed by METRO AG, which acts as the central management holding company. It performs group management functions, particularly in the areas of finance, controlling, legal and compliance. Central management and administrative functions for METRO Wholesale are anchored within METRO AG.

In its core wholesale business, METRO Wholesale is globally represented with 681 stores in 24 countries. In addition, METRO Wholesale is active with the delivery business (Food Service Distribution, FSD) in another 10 countries. The delivery business includes the METRO delivery service as well as the delivery specialists Classic Fine Foods, Pro à Pro and Rungis Express.

The group’s digitalisation activities are bundled under Others. These initiatives primarily refer to the activities of the Hospitality Digital business unit, which was established in 2015. The unit develops digital solutions for customers from the hospitality industry and creates interfaces for the digital products conventionally used by wholesale traders.

The Others segment also includes the service companies METRO PROPERTIES, METRO LOGISTICS, METRO DIGITAL, METRO ADVERTISING and METRO SOURCING. These companies provide real estate, logistics, IT, advertising and procurement services within the group.

METRO - Company Structure

Customer Focus

For our customers, we are always thinking a step further. We are partners and advocates. We meet the customer at eye level and make every effort to clearly understand their wishes.


We rely on personal connections. On cooperation. On exchange and dialogue. We cultivate long-term business relationships and establish sustainable networks. For us. And for our customers.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We continuously seek new challenges. We drive innovation forward. We are open to new perspectives. To experimentation. And to mistakes, which we learn from.


We assume responsibility. We think ahead, with a view to the future. We deal sustainably. We set ourselves high standards – economically, environmentally and socially.

Strong Leadership

We never settle for good enough. We tackle challenges head-on. We are consistent in our actions. We make clear decisions. We follow up our words with deeds.

Goal Orientation

We constantly have our goal in focus – in everything we do. We are driven by results in our thinking and actions. Fast. Strong. Efficient.