The Facility Management and Services Company

METRO Campus Services GmbH is the facility management and services company at the METRO headquarters in Düsseldorf. We manage and operate the buildings on the METRO campus including the company restaurants, a café (Rioba Bar) operated under our own management and the training center. Since we are located in direct proximity to the other group companies, we are in a position to act and react quickly and to take decisions to the benefit of our clients.

Our goal is to ensure a smooth operation of the buildings including their technical systems. The top priority is always on optimising processes to bring down costs. With the smooth-running operation, we also ensure that the real estate assets retain their value over the long term.

METRO Campus Services


Facility Management & Projects

Facility Management & Projects is responsible for all operational and strategic services relating to the infrastructure, buildings and facility management of the Düsseldorf campus. We are the project partner for the rehabilitation, conversion and/or revitalisation of office and functional areas for our tenants on the METRO campus.

Our responsibilities include, inter alia

  • Securing the operation of all technical building systems of the campus buildings
  • Commercial processing and technical construction supervision of conversion, renovation, maintenance and large-scale projects
  • Management of infrastructure services, e.g. cleaning services, relocation services, security services
  • Central responsibility for safety, health and fire protection


Hub area in Be1 on METRO Campus


Finance & Administration

Finance & Administration is the central point of contact for all commercial, controlling and administrative matters relating to METRO Campus Services GmbH. Furthermore, this function is also responsible for monitoring and checking compliance with certain statutory obligations resulting from the environmental regulations applicable for the producers and distributors of own brand products.

Our responsibilities

  • Commercial facility management and controlling
  • Administrative services, like for example
    • telephone switchboard
    • administration of mobile phone cards and services for various group companies
    • monitoring of compliance with legal regulations applicable for the own brands of the sales brands relating to packaging, electrical appliances and batteries (compliance with the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, Packaging Law, Battery Act)


Catering & Events

Catering & Events with its departments for canteen meals, catering, event organisation, conference services and the Training & Event Center is your partner for events of any kind on the campus and beyond – anywhere where people meet.

The services portfolio includes

  • Two company restaurants serving 3,000 guests per day
  • The in-house restaurant METRO’s Inn
  • The café Rioba Bar
  • Operation of the Training & Event Center with an event space of 2,500m2 hosting around 500 events per year
  • Service support for the management board and conference center
  • Catering services on the complete campus and externally


Catering at the METRO Campus


Fleet Management

The Fleet Management team is responsible for managing the complete vehicle fleet (passenger cars) with a total of around 1,700 vehicles and the first point of contact for our employees and executives for all matters relating to the company cars.

Our services include

  • Management of the vehicle fleet of the companies operating at the METRO campus
  • Supporting the company car users throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle from ordering to income tax treatment, repairs, claims processing all the way to coordination of the vehicle return process
  • Interface to the most diverse internal departments as well as to external partners such as leasing companies, insurance companies, service providers and public authorities


Mail & Parcel Services

Mail & Parcel Services is the campus function to contact for any type of postal and parcel shipping, for copying and printing matters as well as for the external archiving of documents.

Our scope of responsibilities includes the following

  • Handling of all incoming and outgoing mail
  • Receiving and sending parcel and express deliveries from/via all parcel service providers
  • Central printer management and processing of printing jobs of any kind
  • Central maintenance and servicing of the copying rooms on the campus
  • Archiving of company-relevant documents for all campus entities


HR Service Center

The HR Service Center is the central point of contact for administrative personnel matters in Düsseldorf. Around 21,000 active employees and around 7,000 retirees of all METRO companies as well as many of the service companies on campus are serviced here.

In our teams we have specialists in

  • payroll
  • bonus calculation
  • retirement provision
  • company pension
  • certificate creation
  • maternity protection and parental leave
  • employer certifications
  • travel expense management

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