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About us

METRO is a leading international food wholesaler specialized on HoReCa and Traders.

Customer buys METRO Chef apples in the store

METRO is a leading international food wholesaler and operates in more than 30 countries. The store network comprises a total of 624 stores in 21 countries, of which 525 offer out-of-store delivery (OOS), and 86 dedicated depots. In 11 countries, METRO runs only the delivery business by its delivery companies (Food Service Distribution, FSD).

HoReCa and Traders are core customer groups of METRO. The HoReCa section includes hotels, restaurants, catering companies as well as bars, cafés and canteen operators. The Traders section includes small grocery stores and kiosks. The majority of all customer groups are small and medium-sized enterprises as well as sole traders. METRO helps them manage their business challenges more effectively.

The group is headed by METRO AG, which acts as the central management holding company. It handles group management tasks and bundles central management and administrative functions for METRO.

(Status: 31 March 2024)

Our business model

The central element of the sCore strategy is the multichannel approach, which is reflected in the business model through dovetailing of the bricks-and-mortar wholesale stores, whose assortments are consistently aimed at professional customers, with the delivery business and digital solutions.

  • Our wholesale stores, under the brands METRO and MAKRO, offer customers flexibility as well as a wide product selection.
  • We are creating Europe’s largest online marketplace with METRO MARKETS, which focuses in particular on professional equipment for HoReCa customers.
  • In the area of FSD, METRO maintains a strong presence with its METRO Delivery Service and the delivery companies Aviludo, Classic Fine Foods (CFF), Johan i Hallen & Bergfalk (JHB), Pro à Pro, Pro a Pro Spanien" and R express.
  • We consider ourselves to be the strong partner of choice for professional customers and we are enhancing our comprehensive multichannel approach with digital business solutions and services, such as DISH, an online platform for digital applications in the hospitality industry.
The business model of METRO

Further topics

METRO sCore - Wholesale to the max


Our ambition: METRO is a leader in the food wholesale and distribution sector. We intend to further build on our success alongside our professional HoReCa and Trader customers.

METRO Sustainability


METRO sees itself as a part of society. We aim to harmonise economic, environmental and social objectives. We act today for a better tomorrow. For a future worth living.

Working at METRO

Career and Life

We are more than a successful wholesaler – we provide solutions for the future. That’s why we are looking for clever people with new ideas and the courage to be innovative.



As a wholesaler, METRO is at the core of political developments in areas such as trade, food, sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitalisation.