METRO store interior view

Customer buys METRO Chef apples in the store

With our brands METRO and MAKRO, we are a wholesaler for customers in the hotel, restaurants and catering (HoReCa) industry as well as independent merchants (Traders). Our more than 95,000 employees in over 30 countries are united by one thing above all: their passion for serving our 17 million customers. We offer these customers a portfolio of products and solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

As a multichannel supplier, we combine a wide network of modern wholesale stores with an extensive delivery service (Food Service Distribution/FSD) and an online marketplace, all supported digitally. We help each of our customers find the way that works best for them:

  • Our wholesale stores, under the brands METRO and MAKRO, offer customers flexibility as well as a wide product selection.
  • We are creating Europe’s largest online marketplace with METRO MARKETS, which focuses in particular on professional equipment for HoReCa customers.
  • In the area of FSD, METRO maintains a strong presence with its METRO Delivery Service and the delivery companies Classic Fine Foods, Pro à Pro, Rungis Express, Aviludo and Pro a Pro Spain".

We consider ourselves to be the strong partner of choice for professional customers and we are enhancing our comprehensive multichannel approach with digital business solutions and services, such as DISH, an online platform for digital applications in the hospitality industry.

For us, getting the food trade right means:

  • our wholesale customers can find what they need quickly. We are efficient, reliable and professional.
  • Our assortments, products and packaging are tailored to HoReCa and Traders. Our own brands are developed for our customers, with our customers.
  • Our employees know their customers and their customers’ businesses. They provide advice as equals and solve problems.
  • Our customers have more than one route to the products they need, be it online, in the stores or by delivery. We help them find the way that works best for them. METRO ensures its customers are competitive and fit for the future with digital business solutions, increasingly sustainably produced assortments and product innovations.