METRO is a partner of many small and mid-sized independent companies. Their success is our focus. We have made it our goal to lift the food and hospitality sector to a new level and to take advantage of the unique opportunity that the comprehensive digitisation of the industry presents – both for our customers, who can transform their business for long-term prosperity, and for us.


The taste of passion

Regardless of the challenges our customers face on a daily basis, we offer tailored solutions, products and services to help. For start-ups and restaurants, for those little everyday worries and for unprecedented ideas.

Tradition and change

We offer specialist products, reliable quality and comprehensive service, day in, day out. Whether we’re working with a restaurant, a cafe or just an unusual idea, our inspiration is key to our customers' commercial success.

Digital technology makes life easier

Ordering food online and having it delivered to our doorstep. Digital solutions make life easier for our customers in just a few clicks. They’re not only practical, but can also inspire new ways of thinking.

Getting ideas noticed online

With our digital solutions, restaurateurs can create their own websites or take their businesses online in just a few clicks. Having a presence in the digital world allows new ideas to get noticed and grow even bigger.

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