The tech spirit of METRO’s IT Department

6 February 2018

Meet-ups, Hackathons and other formats for networking and exchange promote the tech spirit of metro’s it department

Meet-ups, Hackathons and other formats for networing and exchange promote the tech spirit of METRO's IT Department. The opening of the new office in Berlin, the partnership with the CODE University or the METRO Robocode Hackathon held in four cities are but a few activities of METRO’s IT department that have recently attracted media attention.

"We want to show that METRO works on exciting international projects and topics in the tech field and thereby address and grow a technology-interested community", said Timo Salzsieder, CIO of METRO AG (picture: down left). The purpose of the cooperation and partnership with the CODE University is to network with young talents and present exciting projects of the wholesale and food specialist.

The meet-ups allow for a professional exchange with inspiring personalities. They are hosted at the METRO Campus Düsseldorf and open to employees as well as to interested guests. At the meet-ups, they can meet inspiring personalities like Jeff Gothelf, a renowned speaker and writer of "Lean UX" and "Sense & Respond" (Jeff Gothelf, 8 March 2018, METRO CAMPUS, for queries click here). That a successful community engagement, too, is very important for the collaboration of METRO’s IT Department with IT professionals, strategists and developers, and that it works very well, was demonstrated by the recent award presented by Sitecore.

Sebastian Winter (picture: down right), Tech Lead Next CMS and Domain Architect Customer Web at METRO, was this year recognised for his passionate sharing of knowledge and technical expertise.

Every year, the Danish CMS (Content Management System) specialist Sitecore1 recognises Most Valuable Professionals with an award in the categories Technology, Commerce, Ambassador, and Strategy. On behalf of METRO as the only customer company to be recognised in the field of Technology along with three German agencies, the award was presented to Sebastian Winter.

With this international award, Sitecore recognises valuable contributions to the further development of the software and the community engagement of the award winners in more than 30 countries around the world.

1 The so-called "Sitecore Web Experience Manager CMS" is a digital experience platform that flexibly supports global, multi-lingual content (web pages, email, social networks, mobile, store-based retail and print media).