METRO employees show commitment against hunger on United Nations World Food Day

16 October 2017

Best-Rest-Box - what goes all in there?

World Food Day on October 16 is a day for all mankind to be aware of the 815 million hungry people on our planet earth and that in the EU 70% of all food is wasted in private households, food service and retail sector. World Food Day also is a day to take action: METRO employees promote worldwide awareness to stop wasting food and encourage to showing commitment in fighting hunger.

Today METRO employees worldwide make their personal pledge against wasting food. METRO donates school meals to hungry children via the ShareTheMeal App of the United Nations World Food Program with which METRO runs a global cooperation since 2016. In the German headquarter staff canteens METRO employees can choose a “Care & Share” Menue of which 50ct€ is donated to the German Food Banks. Social media helps to spread the word easily.

But not only on World Food Day METRO is committed to fight against hunger. In order to fulfil our commitment “to halve food waste in our own operations by 2025”, METRO Cash & Carry country organizations run a great variety of activities against food waste. E.g. all METRO country organizations manage their shrinkage data in the stores carefully; METRO Japan even works on a vision of a zero food waste store. 16 METRO country organizations collaborate with food bank organizations and METRO Cash & Carry Germany just recently started a cooperation with the Berlin based start-up SirPlus to sell instead of waste, surplus food that cannot be donated to food banks. METRO employees at the Headquarters in Düsseldorf, can show their commitment by making use of the daily “Lunch-Saver” in the staff canteens - a meal offering the left overs of the day for a reduced price.

METRO also works on this challenge beyond our own operations though: METRO China for example trains its suppliers on hygiene and cold chain topics along the supply chain in order to minimize possible food waste along the supply chain. METRO Turkey partnered with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Mamara Research Center) and analyzed the food waste share of salad from farm to warehouses. They also started a commercial Food Waste Initiative in order to create more awareness to their customers. Besides, METRO Turkey, Germany, Poland, France and Italy (re-)introduced the concept of doggy bags to their customers and promotes the coolness of taking home left overs from a restaurant visit.