2nd Own Business Day: METRO celebrates independent businesses

18 September 2017

Whether it's the guy making us a coffee in the morning, the bar at the street corner who sells us a beer even late in the evening or the chef who makes our favourite food – business owners do not only make our lives convenient and more colourful, they also play an important role for our community to stay vibrant and full of liveliness. To pay tribute to their enduring dedication and recognise their accomplishments, last year METRO Cash & Carry initiated the "Own Business Day", which will be renewed for the 2nd edition this year on October 10 in all countries where the company is operating.

Inspired by the successful first Own Business Day with more than 20,000 registered specials, Pieter Boone, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and member of the Management Board of METRO AG, said: "At METRO, we feel a strong connection with the millions of business owners around the world, who are often the hidden heroes but important and indispensable for our communities. We share the same passion and dedication that make own businesses more successful in our daily work to bring more value to our customers. Because we know: Our success depends on the success of our customers."

The second Own Business Day will take place on 10 October 2017 in all countries in which METRO operates, targeting all small and independent businesses including 21 million METRO professional customers. The company intends to establish the day as an annual global event scheduled for the second Tuesday of each October. The event strives to provide own businesses with the attention and recognition they deserve, to foster their visibility in their communities and to support them in building strong networks with others who share their passion. Leading up to 10 October, the activities surrounding the Own Business Day will present a variety of special deals and offers created by all participating businesses, as for example an on-top dessert perfecting a dinner for two or a discount for cleaning services. Participants put theirs specials on the dedicated online platform www.own-business-day.com, which is open to the public in each country to help businesses better engage with their customers.

Given the importance of business owners for society, this year METRO has commissioned an international study to build up a deeper understanding of the general public’s attitudes towards business owners. Additionally, this study gives insights into owners themselves: what challenges they face, what their experience is like and how ownership can be promoted. The study is surveying representative samples of the general public (and business owners) in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Russia and China. These generated data will help representatives from business, politics and society to better understand business ownership and what the different levels can do to support it.

In preparation for the 10 October, METRO local subsidiaries will provide participating business owners with comprehensive support: The online platform features special offers for the local public and respective information on participating businesses, customized measures supporting business owners’ marketing activities – from promotion material to access to media – help own businesses to raise their profile and to attract new customers. "It will be a day full of new experiences and special offers – powered by proud business owners. By giving them the attention they deserve and promoting their activities with this special event, we eventually strive to bring more business to their doorsteps – underlining our aspiration to be the Champion for Independent Business," said Boone.


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