Annual General Meeting

Welcome to the websites of the Annual General Meeting of METRO AG on 14 February 2020. Here you can find all relevant information about the Annual General Meeting and the web-based proxy and instruction system.

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting on 14 February 2020

Agenda including the proposal of the Management Board regarding the appropriation of the balance sheet profits and further information, in particular regarding

  • the terms and conditions for attendance at the Annual General Meeting and the exercise of voting rights,
  • the record date and its relevance pursuant to § 123 Section 3 German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz),
  • the exercise of voting rights by a proxy,
  • information about rights of shareholders pursuant to § 122 Section 2, § 126 Section 1, §§ 127, 131 Section 1 German Stock Corporation Act,
  • the total number of shares and voting rights at the time of the calling of the Annual General Meeting,
  • a reference to the Company's website via which the information pursuant to § 124a German Stock Corporation Act is made available as well as
  • a curriculum vitae each of Mr Marco Arcelli, Mrs Gwyn Burr, Prof. Dr Edgar Ernst and Dr Liliana Solomon regarding agenda item 6,
  • data protection notices and
  • travel directions.

Please note:

The legally binding language for the agenda of and the general information on the Annual General Meeting 2020 of METRO AG is German. Accordingly, only the German version constitutes the legally binding document while the English version is a convenience translation only.


Annual Report of METRO 2018/19 - Consolidated Financial Statements

Approved consolidated financial statements of METRO AG and combined management report for METRO AG and METRO group for the financial year 2018/19, including inter alia the report of the Supervisory Board and the remuneration report.


Annual Financial Statements 2018/19

Adopted annual financial statements of METRO AG for the financial year 2018/19.


Motions and Elections Nominations by Shareholders

Shareholder motions (§ 126 German Stock Corporation Act) and election nominations by shareholders (§ 127 German Stock Corporation Act) will be made available on this website.


Proposed amendment of the Articles of Association

Synoptical juxtapposition of the current version of § 16 Section 2 of the Articles of Association of METRO AG and the intended changes of this regulation according to the resolution proposal under agenda item 7.


Articles of Association of METRO AG

Version: resolution of the General Meeting of 16 February 2018


Notice: All documents published above are non-binding convenience translations. In all cases the German language version shall prevail.

Voting results of the Annual General Meeting of METRO AG on 14 February 2020, PDF 136 KB

Resolution on the appropriation of the balance sheet profits by the Annual General Meeting 14 February 2020
Dividend cut-off date 14 February 2020
Trading of METRO share without dividend payment (Ex Date) 17 February 2020
Dividend Record Date
18 February 2020
Payment Date 19 February 2020
Paying agent Deutsche Bank AG

On the day of the Annual General Meeting you could view the speech of Mr Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Management Board of METRO AG, live on the internet.