Our attitude


We believe that our society faces unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. But we are also convinced that sustainability is the key to transforming these challenges into opportunities. METRO has a clear vision: "We become sustainable in everything we do." At the same time, we see the responsibility and the opportunity to design our business in such a way that it complies with the social requirements as well as those of our customers, employees, investors and partners. Because only in this way is responsible management possible in the long term.

METRO follows a clear vision: "We will become sustainable in everything we do." We do not just focus on our business objectives – we also pay attention to what our customers, employees, investors and partners expect. We want to reconcile economic, ecological and social considerations because this is the only way to do business responsibly over the long term. We act today for a better tomorrow, in line with our sustainability vision.

Heiko Hutmacher, Chief Human Resources Officer and Labour Director

When it comes to sustainability, we want to do the right things in an ever-better way. That means generating value added for our customers at the same time as treating resources responsibly and having a positive effect on society.

Heiko Hutmacher

With the ten principles of the Global Compact and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations provides the global and concrete framework for sustainable economic, social and environmental development. METRO sees itself as part of society. Therefore, we support the SDGs and, with our commitment to sustainability, pay attention to achieving the global agenda. Since 2010, METRO has been a member of the UN Global Compact Initiative. METRO integrates the ten principles into its daily work, strategy and corporate culture. This underscores our actions as a responsible, internationally operating company.

We regularly report on our progress in implementing the UN Global Compact in our CR Report.

Our Responsibilities


We do not rely solely on the company's own perspective for key areas and areas of emphasis. By participating in the economic and socio-political discourse and working together with external stakeholders, we are able to identify their requirements in terms of our actions at an early stage. Taking the inner and outer view into account, we define the areas and topics relevant to our sustainability commitment. In this way, we create a basis for the derivation of strategic goals and for the development of concrete measures. In 2016, we also conducted a stakeholder survey for the first time, which also helps us to validate the relevance of the identified topics. This stakeholder survey has been an integral part of our 2016 materiality analysis. In 2018, we will update our stakeholder survey and materiality analysis.

METRO has defined the following areas of responsibility and main topics as essential:

  • Commitment to the employees
  • Sustainable business
  • Sustainable procurement and assortment design
  • Social Commitment