Our attitude

METRO follows a clear vision: "We will become sustainable in everything we do." We do not just focus on our business objectives – we also pay attention to what our customers, employees, investors and partners expect. We want to reconcile economic, ecological and social considerations because this is the only way to do business responsibly over the long term. We act today for a better tomorrow, in line with our sustainability vision.

METRO has defined the following areas of responsibility and key topics:

  • Commitment for staff
  • Sustainable business operations
  • Sustainable procurement and product range composition
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Social engagement

METRO has put clear organisational structures in place to embed sustainability in its core business:

The Sustainability Committee lays out the strategic framework and sets targets. The committee is chaired by two top executives from METRO who rotate regularly. Other members of the committee are:

  • METRO's corporate responsibility officer
  • Representatives of key functions – Purchasing, Communications, and Expansion & Operations
  • Representatives of Real
  • Representatives of the METRO Cash & Carry national subsidiaries

Our sales brands are responsible for defining and implementing specific goals and measures. They also monitor success. They report to the Sustainability Committee on their progress.Ad hoc expert groups prepare specific issues and present them to the Sustainability Committee for decision-making. The participants include experts from Real, the MCC national subsidiaries and the head office.

Heiko Hutmacher

When it comes to sustainability, we want to do the right things in an ever-better way. That means generating value added for our customers at the same time as treating resources responsibly and having a positive effect on society.

Heiko Hutmacher