International lobbying

A walk to talk about international buisness

METRO is present in 35 countries around the world. We are a global player – but we think and act locally. That is precisely what makes us successful.

We actively follow political and social developments at our locations, from Tokyo to Lisbon. We are in regular contact with stakeholders from the government, parliament, civil society and associations. We share our expertise as a retailer – in dialogue with local players. We also bring our concerns to bear in the political debate. All sorts of issues and projects interest us – from tax legislation in Spain to new quality standards in Moldova and partnerships with independent companies from 50 regions in Russia.

Building bridges

The process of multinational lobbying is complex. Public Policy International Affairs builds bridges between our subsidiaries around the world and our headquarters in Düsseldorf. We coordinate the dialogue between specialist departments at the head office and our international colleagues. Together, we draft our position on key challenges facing the industry. In doing so, we always bear in mind both our global corporate objectives and local specifics.

We opened Russia's first two METRO Cash & Carry wholesale stores in Moscow in 2001. Today, we are present in most of this huge country - from Kaliningrad to the Siberian city of Irkutsk. There has been a group office in Moscow since 2005. We maintain active dialogue with the most important state and social institutions in Russia. In doing so, our office consistently promotes economic liberalisation. The new METRO's group office in Moscow also focuses on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, which are at the heart of our business model. Furthermore, the new METRO is dedicated to adopting sustainable solutions throughout the value chain – including firmly establishing the very highest quality standards. We are also actively discussing the climate for investment and expansion in Russia with relevant stakeholders at both federal and regional level.

Our group office is involved in numerous international, European and Russian associations - from the Retail Companies Association ACORT to the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The director of our Moscow group office, Alexey Grigoriev, is Chairman of the Association of European Businesses (AEB) Retail Committee. METRO also plays a key role in self-regulatory authorities in the Russian consumer market, where it is a member of organisations including the national committee which oversees compliance with the Russian Corporate Conduct Code. The Foreign Investment Advisory Council (FIAC) is of particular importance to us as it gives international investors a concerted platform to enter into direct dialogue with the head of the Russian government on current and strategic economic issues.