Lobbying in Germany

In Berlin, we foster dialogue with the government, parliament, associations, relevant advocacy groups and non-governmental organisations. We coordinate our activities at our group office in Berlin-Mitte.

Our team there works with associations and NGOs, gives interested parties an insight into the work of an international retail company and maintains dialogue with policymakers with the support of the specialist departments at the new METRO. We also regularly invite stakeholders to discuss issues that matter to the retail industry at the Wednesday Trade Socials we host in Berlin.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier visiting the Berlin Wednesday Trade Socials

We are active online with our digital representative office Berlin. Our website (only german) generates transparency and provides information about our advocacy issues and our lobbying team.

The team from the Berlin office tweets about politics, food, drink and consumer issues using the account @METRO_Politics.

Three or four times a year, our retail newsletter 'Trade Letter' features information about issues which affect our company and the industry as a whole. It is published in German and English.

Talking. Listening. Adopting a position. The new METRO organises Wednesday Trade Socials in Berlin four times a year. Our aim is to bring people together, exchange viewpoints and learn from one another.

Wednesday Socials traditionally open with a discussion starter by a guest speaker. His or her statements are then debated with participants from the business world, politics and society. There is also an online platform – and Twitter, of course – where discussions can be held both before and after the event.

We launched the Berlin Wednesday Socials in 2010 along with two cooperation partners, the German Retail Federation (HDE) and the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA).

You are very welcome to take part in our discussions, either by joining us in Berlin, using the Wednesday Socials page in the digital representative office Berlin or contributing on Twitter using the hashtag #MGBER. You can find videos of all our previous Wednesday Socials on our Youtube channel.

METRO always thinks one step ahead. We identify challenges. We ask the right questions. We look for pioneering concepts. Lobbying often has negative connotations in the public debate. However, this overlooks the fact that democracy thrives on discourse. Democracy thrives on individuals, groups and organisations expressing their opinion – which is what lobbying is all about. METRO’s work upholds the principles of responsible lobbying. We want to drive the academic discussion about transparent lobbying forwards. What is more, we want to further develop the concept of responsible lobbying in conjunction with universities and other partners.

Grants and seminars

METRO has been supporting students at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences since 2014. We award grants for students on its Communication & Leadership MBA, Public Affairs & Leadership MBA and Communication & Leadership MA programmes. Students who receive these grants are given practical insights into stakeholder communication at our company.

METRO also works with Quadriga University of Applied Sciences at other levels. We provide insights into our work at various seminars, we are available to answer questions and we assist with students’ theses by sharing expertise and information. We also collaborate with other institutions in this way, including the Institute of Political Science at Mainz University.

Hand in hand with our partners, we want to develop constructive solutions: what could responsible political lobbying mean for businesses, now and in the future, locally and globally, offline and online?