We seek exchange with politics and society, bring in specialist knowledge, take a position and look for solutions together. Continuous dialogue with all stakeholders is firmly anchored in our corporate strategy.

Learn more about our lobbying activities at our digital office.

Our interest representation is coordinated by the department "Corporate Public Policy" - at the headquarters in Dusseldorf. Added to this are our representative offices in Berlin, Brussels and Moscow and our active involvement in trade associations. We are present where decisions are being made that affect our sector, our business and our customers. We speak directly with our stakeholders - and communicate our interests in a transparent way.

METRO is guided by the principles of responsible lobbying. For us, that means:

  • Our lobbying work is transparent and consistent.
  • Our objectives and instruments and clearly identifiable.
  • The same message is communicated to everyone.
  • Our work is in line with our sustainability strategy.

Wide-ranging activities and commitments underline our responsible approach. This includes, among others:

Further information, informative articles and prominent events in the field of "Politics and External Relations" can be found at our digital office and our Twitter channel.