The aim of our staff development programme is clear: we want to offer our talented and dedicated employees development prospects. And inspire lasting enthusiasm for the new METRO.

Our modern, standardised management methods make this possible: we identify the most talented individuals early on. And we drive their careers forward through structured development and training. Quickly and efficiently. The new METRO has a career path, including innovative training methods, to suit every employee.

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We facilitate 23.8 training hours on average per person per year23,8 Trainingsstunden

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Handel erklärt (‘retail explained’) training platform wins Comenius EduMedia award

When our employees grow, our company grows too. So we make sure we have an open and dynamic working environment. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We continue to develop in a culture that is open to new perspectives, to experiments and even to mistakes, from which we learn. Continuous training of managers and employees is an integral part of our philosophy. We are always looking for new ways of helping our employees develop further. Day after day. All over the world. Our Development Centres help people find out for themselves where their strengths lie and discover the direction in which they would like to develop.


Career development for managers

We support all employees in their career development. Managers and top managers grow with the company – through individual talent nurturing. And a sensible succession strategy. This means that our future top management team is already well positioned. In all our companies. In Germany and all over the world. Our talent management includes:

  • Transparent leadership models
  • Regular performance appraisals
  • A Development Centre for standardised and fair assessments

Our leadership model

The METRO leadership model forms the basis for the development of our managers and top managers. It equips them with everything they need to implement our group strategy . The leadership model places expectations on our managers.

They should:

  • act ethically and responsibly, with a focus on values,
  • act in an entrepreneurial manner and with calculated risks to achieve the best possible result,
  • think and act in a customer-oriented manner,
  • be open to changes and implement them,
  • promote the continuous further development of employees and the organisation.