Learn more, know more, achieve more - through individual talent nurturing

House of Learning - Learn more, know more, achieve more - through individual talent nurturing


Vision & Mission

We are the preferred Learning Partner for our customers, for METRO Countries, Federations and Corporate.
We support the successful implementation of business strategies by providing relevant functional and leadership capability building measures.

At a glance

  • Between 300,000 - 400,000 learners per year: Every employee attends on average more than 3 times a year a training from the House of Learning
  • Around 180 METRO employees are involved as part-time trainers in addition to their actual jobs.
  • Around 200 learning solutions, half of them enriched with modern digital blends such as Virtual Classroom (webinars), eLearning, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and Virtual Reality
  • Learning Campus for international exchange and sharing of best practices beyond country borders with innovative, creative and feel-at-home environment.
  • Certification by the CLIP Award (Corporate Learning Improvement Process) of the external certification body EFMD as one of the best international corporate academies.
EFMD Awards CLIP Accreditation to METRO

METRO AG's HR departments House of Learning and Leadership Development have been awarded best in class status of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) for the learning and development programs offered at METRO. In addition to a comprehensive questionnaire for self-assessment, the certification is also based on interviews with stakeholders of the company, so-called peer reviews. The EFMD experts interviewed more than 40 colleagues from different divisions, countries and hierarchies at METRO. More information see: METRO's training academy "House of Learning" is best in class

Christian Rippl

Our aim is to transform 120,000 employees into 120,000 learners who are outperforming in their daily jobs and who are ready for tomorrow.

Christian Rippl, Director House of Learning bei METRO

Further development of employees

The House of Learning division offers tailor-made personnel development measures, learning solutions and services aimed at the METRO Wholesale corporate strategy as well as the special features of the Wholesale Business.

The main topics include learning and development programs on customer orientation, leadership, transformation, sales, field service, supply, purchasing, finance and human resources. The focus is on employees and executives of the management holding company METRO AG and also of METRO Wholesale's national subsidiaries.


Executive development

Lead & Win, in the program since 2016, serves the development of more than 15,000 managers and is divided into 3 to 4 modules for different management levels. For a period of 6 to 8 months, participants deal with management topics specific to their target groups. The skills and competencies of our managers are aligned with the needs and strategic goals of our company. The interaction of METRO national companies, subsidiaries and METRO AG offers targeted international career paths. In addition, our career planning processes enable us to identify and promote internal candidates for key positions within the company and thus fill vacant positions from our own ranks.

The Corporate Learning Organization consists of a very diverse team from across the globe. These are allocated in three teams: House of Learning team, Leadership Development team, Learning Experience Design team. 

From a profile perspective there are:

  • Learning Business Partners
  • Functional experts for wholesale business
  • Leadership professionals
  • Change and Transformation professionals
  • L&D Experts (Blended Learning)
  • Learning Campus Manager
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) Managers and Experts.

The competencies of our staff cover the complete value chain of a Corporate Learning function (consultancy – needs analysis – program design – production – delivery), so we are in general not very dependent on the external market. Nevertheless, outsourcing takes place in cases where outside-in perspectives from external vendors or business schools are needed.


Lead & Win

Lead & Win is a leadership capability building program for our current and future leaders. Every leader in our organization embarks on a 6 to 8 months journey composed of alternating face-to-face workshops and on-the-job assignments. The program helps to discover the leadership potential of individuals and encourages them to stretch themselves further and continuously reflect on what it truly means to lead in a “people business”. It aims at balancing the two key dimensions of leadership: driving business performance and at the same being a true people leader. At METRO we strongly believe that being a true people leader is a prerequisite for being a successful business leader.

Sustainable Leadership

A 1,5-year program for talented managers that aims to support METRO´s sustainability vision. It does so by growing the leaders who have an intrinsic motivation to work on sustainability challenges. Participants enhance their leadership capabilities while developing and implementing a sustainability project. The MSLP boosts sustainability across METRO, with a focus on organizational change, building a community of sustainability ambassadors.

My (R)evolution

One-year employee-development-programme to strengthen the individual impact and personality of the participants. They receive inspiration, impulses and knowledge about authentic, motivating and agile collaboration and assume responsibility for their own development by taking over active parts during the trainings and other elements of the programme.


One-year employee-development-programme, for which interested candidates can apply themselves or suggest colleagues for participation. Participants are selected by a committee only based on their applications (“why should the company invest in me?”) and, when accepted to the programme, receive a development budget for individual use.