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So, you are unique. Open. Friendly. Self-assured. Progressive. Inspiring. Then you are just like METRO – and will be a perfect match. Tell us about yourself in your application. What makes you the right candidate for your chosen job? Why are you looking forward to working at METRO? And why are you just the right person to enrich our organisation?

We receive a large number of applications. So please be patient. We know that you are waiting to hear our response. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. To help our recruitment process run smoothly, we ask that you respond to letters, e-mails and phone calls promptly. Thank you. And good luck!

Fast. Safe. Simple. The best way to apply is online.

Use our job search tool to find the most appropriate job and send us your application with a personal covering letter, your CV and relevant supporting documents.

Take a look at our website before preparing your application. Find out about our group companies and the sales line you are applying to.

Once you have sent off your application, you will receive an automated confirmation of receipt.

Our HR team will look through your application and forward it to the department to which you are applying. The department will check whether your profile matches our requirements. If you succeed in capturing our interest, we’ll call you. We’ll discuss the next steps with you and agree on a date for an interview. During the interview you will find out more about the advertised job. We’ll show you your potential new working environment. And we’ll get to know one another.

Apply at METRO

Was your application successful? Have you been invited to an interview? We have put together a few tips to help you prepare and appear confident.

Go through your CV

In the interview we will ask you questions relating to your CV. Because that’s all we know about you so far. So make sure you can remember what you wrote. And check whether you’ve done anything since that you can add.

Read the job advert again

The interview will be about your abilities. There are usually no right or wrong answers to a question. Instead, we are interested in how you approach a question. In your answers, refer to the requirements of your potential new job. And give us examples of comparable situations that you have experienced in the past – and what you learned from them professionally and personally.

Do your homework

Prepare thoroughly in advance – find out more about METRO and about the area you are applying to. The better you understand us and the more you know about us, the better your chances. When doing your research, don’t forget to look at our social media profiles.

And finally: ask questions

A job interview is not one-sided. It’s an exchange of information on both sides. So ask us about anything you’re interested in. You might want to ask about colleagues, the tasks involved in the job or the working conditions and contract terms. We will be happy to tell you.

Applicant preparing for an interview