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We value people with passion and enthusiasm for their work, and who are committed to making a difference.

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Apply. Get to a flying start. Build a career. Tips for the application procedure and for the interview.

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Young Talents

We support your growth, your happiness and your success. Whether you are a student, a graduate or a young professional – everyone can find their career path at METRO. Together we can drive our company forward – and offer you lots of career prospects and opportunities for advancement.

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Change jobs. Climb aboard. Take off. Join us and master new challenges. Take advantage of a wide range of career opportunities – in an open, international environment.

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Olaf Koch, Chairman of the Management Board

The strongest motivator is to find something meaningful in what you do. We do not want to hold back the people with whom we work. Rather, we want to see them grow.

Olaf Koch, CEO of METRO AG