METRO LOGISTICS has its eye on the entire supply chain. Since 1995, we have succeeded on the basis of an internally developed procurement logistics concept. We pick up the goods from the producers and bring them directly to METRO Cash & Carry and Real stores. The goods are generally delivered within 24 hours . No interim storage is required. The lorries operate at nearly full capacity. Empty runs are minimised. All of which is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and fast.

METRO LOGISTICS has an overall annual procurement volume of around 8.4 million shipments from 4,600 suppliers – in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands. To meet the complex logistical challenges involved, METRO LOGISTICS cooperates with strong partners.

We store. We plan. We transport.

In Germany, METRO LOGISTICS is also responsible for the central warehouse facilities of METRO Cash & Carry and Real. Our range of services is comprehensive: We source goods and schedule their distribution. We monitor the volumes and quality of goods and the delivery invoices. We manage supply inventories. We commission orders by the stores. And we control the transport of the goods to the stores. The result: Low purchasing prices. Low inventories. Short delivery times.

In Groß-Gerau, near Frankfurt, METRO LOGISTICS operates a logistics centre for fresh fish for METRO Cash & Carry. Modern. Efficient. Reliable. The location serves as a hub for the supply of the stores in Germany and other countries – from Denmark to Austria to Hungary.

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