Hospitality Digital

Hospitality Digital


Hospitality Digital (HD) was established in 2015 and actively contributes to the digitalisation of the hospitality sector. An international team of experts implements a variety of digital solutions and innovations for hotels, restaurants, caterers and trader businesses. To this effect, the company relies on self-developed solutions as well as on solutions from start-ups and other partners. In addition, HD invests into start-ups from the fields of hospitality tech, retail tech, food tech and food innovation and monitors the trends in the hospitality industry.



With DISH, a online platform has been established that offers restaurateurs a wide range of matching services: besides digital tools, step-by-step instructions and helpful tips & tricks around their daily business DISH members can also register for events in their region and network with other restaurant owners.



METRO Xcel (previously METRO Accelerator) operates under Hospitality Digital with the mission of bringing digital solutions to the HoReCa sector (hotel/restaurant/catering), to also build a platform of innovators, founders and independent business owners. In order to cater to the target groups of METRO, there are 2 METRO Xcel programmes:

  • Hospitality, which focuses on solutions for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector.
  • Retail, which focuses on the retail, wholesale and trade sector.

The METRO Xcel for Hospitality was launched in 2015, and the Retail programme began in 2017. To bring the programme closer to the business, METRO Xcel now focusses on bringing value to later stage start-ups via expert sales masterclasses, incremental distribution channels and complementary partnerships.



NX-FOOD stands for Next Generation Food and is a hub of METRO for new food solutions to address customer demands, future trends and a better food system. The range of NX-FOOD covers topics such as food waste and its reduction, vertical farming as well as sustainable new food concepts and innovative products for hospitality and end consumers that are made accessible by way of initiatives such as the Start-up Shelf.